Purcell Enterprises is a Safety & Loss Management Consulting Firm.

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Safety Expert & Advisor Barbara Semeniuk

Over her more than 20 years in the industrial health and safety business, Barbara Semeniuk BSc. CRSP, has developed a passion for prevention. She has conducted more than 500 health and safety audits of companies of every size and in a wide range of industries, including construction, food processing, oilfield, trucking, retail, security and manufacturing.

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About Purcell Enterprises

Purcell Enterprises has been advising companies on how to improve the health and safety of their employees and operations for many years. Relying on Barbara Semeniuk’s more than 2 decades of experience in this field, Purcell Enterprises is a clear leader in the industry. Our clients are treated with the fairness and integrity that has allowed us to remain is business for many years, making us amongst the most reliable partners your business could ever deal with.

Our Range of Services Includes: 

  • Safety audits and inspections
  • Training programs specific to your industry
  • Consultation regarding your corporate health
  • Safety programs and policies.
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Client Testimonials

” Mark and I would like to thank you for the professional and courteous manner in handling our external audit, you made it look easy and seamless as you completed the D.O.I of the audit. It was a pleasure meeting you and working as your contact and site escort.”

Bruno D’Amore

Service Manager

“I was hired by Purcell Enterprises Ltd to do a client satisfaction survey in 2012 and was most impressed with the results. Respondents were asked to validate the importance of 11 variables under study, rate their level of satisfaction with the variables, and provide open-ended comments. The results were impressive with an overall average client satisfaction rating of 94% and open-ended comments that followed the same pattern. Even more outstanding was Barb’s passion for excellence and her commitment to work at improving these ratings.”

Dawn Ringrose


“Barbara’s vast knowledge of injury prevention techniques and cutting edge technologies allows her to make recommendations that are best suited for our company. Her approach to our audits has always been to accurately report on our current climate while offering tools and information we need to help us improve.”

Betty MacNicol

Costco Wholesale

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