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Health and Safety

Barb explains how this field is growing and changing. From looking at accident rates and responding to accidents, times are changing and moving toward where leading indicators are helping to prevent incidents. Some new developments in the field are algorithms that are helping to predict where and when accidents are likely to happen.

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Auditing Clients

Some of my clients ask me ask me how I audit them and what benefits they can receive by me auditing them.  Firstly, there are three reasons why clients want to be audited. They want to receive their Certificate of Recognition which gives them 5% back on WCB premiums and 10% back if it is [...]

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Biggest Mistakes Organizations Make

Did you know that if NASA was going to launch a rocket or a probe to the moon they could not do it today because the knowledge is in expert’s heads and has never been spread to everyone and it hasn’t been documented, it hasn’t been written down anywhere and the knowledge is gone so [...]

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Key Elements Of A Health And Safety Cycle

Some of the key elements of an effective health and safety program are management commitment and leadership from the top where they provide the necessary resources to enhance health and safety activities within a company. It has to come from the top so that middle management is not tempted to take shortcuts and supervisors will [...]

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Why Rely On Outside Consultants

Barb explains why using the expertise of an outside consultant can benefit a company. Expertise gleaned from years of experience is key. An outside consultant often is confided in because they are not part of the company - this allows valuable information to be taken in, evaluated and then ultimately fixed.

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