So there’s a new product from Castell Interlocks has a Salvo dock monitor which is a data gathering and analysis product software program that integrates with the firm’s loading dock system to enhance health, safety and effectiveness. 

The system monitors load and unload times, compares shift performance, logs carrier information, schedules dock maintenance and downtime, and schedules the maintenance to occur when the dock is down. The system generates reports in a variety of formats which can be used for further analysis. As well, it can optimize or reduce the number of loading docks required. Loading docks as you know are very expensive; we are talking tens of thousands of dollars. So if you can really squeeze every ounce of efficiency from each loading dock you are miles ahead. It can produce an alarm generation when performance is below user-defined benchmarks and you can identify who is using your docks and traceability for each freight load. 

If you are a carrier you really want to look at how you can optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of your cross-dock operations.