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Ah, the Joys of a Good Pencil Whipping …

I wrote here in an earlier post about safety officers and hw they are sometimes (erroneously) considered expendable when it comes time to streamline staff during a rough economic patch. Sometimes, profits came before safety and safety can be an afterthought with somecompanies. Well, here we have another example of this condescension of sorts, when [...]

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Ready to Punch Your Bully in the Nose?

Whether you know it or not, or even realize it or not, workplace bullying and workplace violence can be, and is, a real problem in may office environments. In my last post, I addressed the realities of this topic and a couple of amazing statistics about this by-product of a toxic workplace. First, 75 percnt [...]

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This is Not Just for Playgrounds

We all have been here at one time or another. Maybe it happened in primary or elementary school. Maybe junior high. Maybe high school - maybe even college. We get pushed off the swings. We get our shoulder bumped while walking down the hall. We get into a staring contest with someone we just don't [...]

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