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The Key to Happiness is Not a Pill, But …

Every once in a while, as I go through the many articles and research studies about workplace and occupational health and safety, I come across an item that is kind of fun and interesting - if only tangentially related to workplace safety. [Image courtesy of Marina del Castell from Flickr via a Creative Commons [...]

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The Virtue of the PFD

When around water, safety experts can tend to drone on about life jackets and other personal flotation devices (PFDs) - and there seems to be evidence every year that the advice isn't always heeded, as witnessed by the number of drowning deaths on America's water ways due to people being thrown overboard and not having [...]

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For Temp Workers, Safety Must Be Permanent

Since the Great Recession of 2008, the economy has been slow to recover, but it has recovered. It has been recovering in the sense that many companies who laid off millions of workers who had full-time salaries and benefits, have been working with thousands of temporary workers to do some of the work that has [...]

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