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Chicken or Egg: Change and Stress

It is said that the only thing that is constant is change. [Image courtesy of Matt Brown from Flickr via a Creative Commons license]Change is virtually inevitable - every day is new. Yet we humans don't take well to changes and we generally get stressed. How can companies manage the stress when change in [...]

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Don’t Be Any of These 10 Leaders

Leadership - at least, good leadership - is hard to come by. Leadership is a way of life, a characteristic - it's not something that just comes with a fancy leadership title. We all know people who are leaders among the rank-and-file, and we know people in leadership positions who just don't have what it [...]

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When 65 is Your Age, Not the Speed Limit

Excessive speed is often a factor in many car accidents, though admittedly rarely the only factor. However, speed limits on many roads and highways have generally done well to lower accident rates and thus fatality rates in motor vehicles over the decades. While the numbers are still pretty high because  there are still people who [...]

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Workplace Safety: Is It Gender Sensitive?

As you might expect with the European Union, or most any multinational government agency, a very significantly data-intensive report was released recently. [Courtesy of EladeManu from Flickr via a Creative Commons license]The theory that comes out of a recent EU-OSHA study is that women are more at risk for workplace incidents than men, which [...]

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Workday Marathons: Get Mentally Fit!

Have you ran or wanted to run a marathon? OK, those of you who are truly crazy and raised your hands, go away now. [Image courtesy of Grand Velas Puerto Vallarta from Flickr via a Creative Commons license]Finding way to relax and take away the stresses of the day go a long way in [...]

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