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Happiness, Distractions, and Injuries

We have written before in this space, and I have talked about this in some of my seminars, workshops and even when I conduct workplace audits, about the importance of having happy workers and employees. Happy workers lead to more productive workers and workers who are more safety conscious and thus less injury-prone. I have [...]

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Ditch the Audit Calendar

We all love calendars. They can be very effective at managing our days, our weeks, our months and all of the routine things we do at work. We pay bills a certain day every month. We conduct safety checks the same week of every month or the same day every week.The company has donuts in [...]

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Keep Some Sheets for Your Fleets!

In order to have a business operating, every owner has to have a selection of paperwork, or at least records. Some are for tax purposes, some for accounting purposes, some for regulatory purposes and others just for personal knowledge and information. These can include everything about yoru business, from income and expense reports, invoice and [...]

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