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If Only This Were As Rare As We Thought

We see those parking spaces at shopping malls and outside restaurants. We often see the ramps and railings. We will see guide dogs safely leading people across a busy street. But while we often see these things, does it ever really register in our heads that the disabled or handicapped are as common as we [...]

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Call This a Cautionary Tale

I know all you safety professionals out there love your jobs and love that you work so hard to keep people safe and productive, and you help improve the profitability of your companies. And I know that many of you have earned the respect of your colleagues and, perhaps more importantly, your superiors in the [...]

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Take the Lead with Leading Indicators: Part 5

Well, it has certainly been a fun adventure unveiling some of the details of The Campbell Institute's report on research into leading indicators of workplace health and safety, no? Well, we are almost to the end of this adventure. As we have spent a little time going over the research project and report that discussing some [...]

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Take the Lead with Leading Indicators: Part 2

If you are reading this, you have probably been anticipating this with great excitement - well, about as much excitement as one can muster about workplace health and safety issues, anyway.  In my last post, I introduced a report from the Campbell Institute regarding leading indicators in workplace safety. This post continues the series of [...]

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