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Fight or Flight: Do Relationships at Work Really Matter?

We are extraordinary creatures of God's creation. By "we" I mean human beings. We have a complicated emotional sytem that has hardwired us for relationships with other humans - friendships, loving relationships, co-workers, spouses. Thre are very few creatures on Earth that have the desire and need to have relationships with other similar creatures. We [...]

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Why Relationships Matter: The Iceberg

Today I am continuing a series of blog posts that are meant to address the key points in an extended article about drift in the January 2015 issue of Professional Safety magazine, which is put out each month by the ASSE. I am going through the highlights of the article and adding my personal perspective; I [...]

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From Communication to Conversation

I am sure you have found a couple of my previous series of posts enlightening and at least educational, if not entertaining. Sometimes I come across interesting topics that I decide are worthy of being fully fleshed out, so I will create a series of several posts that address this main topic to bring it [...]

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Se Habla … Safety

As was mentioned in a previous post, the Hispanic community continues to grow and the risk of workplace incidents, injuries and deaths among Hispanics has been rising. The U.S. Department of Labor has been taking its own steps to try to help Hispanic workers who are seeking jobs or are currently  in the U.S. workforce [...]

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