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Air Out Problems with Your Ventilation

What you don't know can't hurt you. What you can't see is the most dangerous. While those two axioms may seem contradictory in some way, they are actually both true, especially when it comes to the air you and your workers breathe at a worksite. [Image courtesy of Flickr user Jason Pratt via a [...]

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Be a Big Fan of Ventilation

Really, I finally need to vent. I need to get some fresh air, because something has sure been stinking around here. I need to blow off some steam and maybe become a big fan of something more positive. OK, I feel better. Time to move on. [Image courtesy of Flickr user Jason Pratt via [...]

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Fossil Fuels: Pipe Dreams

As I have been writing and discussing in the last couple of posts, the explosion of oil and gas exploration and development in recent years due to innovations and advancement in technology have created higher demand for workers in the industry, and there has been an increase in supply of workers because of salaries being hiked [...]

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A Short-term Injury, Long-term Effects: Study

While there may be some flaws in the research, certainly very few people are arguing about the recent study that was published that showed a loose correlation between workers who had permanent disability due to a work-related accident and injury, and the overall life expectancy of such workers compared to those who were relatively healthy. It is [...]

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