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6 Ways for a Leader to Change the Safety Culture

When it comes to safety, Robert Pater could be considered a culture warrior. If that name seems familiar, it is probably because you have read his articles in Professional Safety magazine in recent months, or you have read my insightful summaries of his articles in this blog in the past. (Maybe I'm kidding about the insightful [...]

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The Great Wellness Disconnect

Would you go jogging if you didn't have jogging shoes? Would you go jogging if you did have jogging shoes? Would you go jogging if you thought you did not have jogging shoes, but no one told you they were in your closet? [Image courtesy of Flickr user Kullez via a Creative Commons license] [...]

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Training Young Sooners … Rather than Later!

There is a reason that it's called the Sooner State. It is said it is better sooner rather than later. No one encourages procrastination. [Image courtesy of Flickr user USFSWmidwest via a Creative Commons license] Providing worker safety education to future workers can be vital to keeping young workers safe in workplaces. NIOSH has [...]

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Work Anywhere, Safety Everywhere … Really?

Very few businesses are confined within four walls anymore. Many involved with the internet called it a Flat World Initiative - where people can communicate and collaborate from around the world without barriers in language or customs or travel. [Image courtesy of Flickr user Dylan via a Creative Commons license] Telecommuting, or at least [...]

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