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Worker Health: Reap What You Sow, Study Says

Worker health is paramount for many companies. There is little doubt about that. But are companies right for getting into worker health in everyday life, not just with the safety initiatives on the work site? Why is it anyone's business what your workers do with themselves outside of work? As long as they are off the [...]

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Sharing is a Labor of Love!

You gotta love being an independent contractor. No, really, you do. Trust me on this. There is something liberating about being your own boss, seeting your own hours, choosing who you work with and for what salary or hourly rate. [Image courtesy of Flickr user Nathan via a Creative Commons license] But there is [...]

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Lasers are Smokin’ Hot in Surgery

It wasn't that long ago that the idea of smoke in a surgery room or surgical facility was thought of as only because the boiler room was on fire. The idea of smoke being generated during a surgical procedure was beyond all possible and rational belief. But then came the innovation known as laser surgery. [...]

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Keeping the Cleanroom … Well, You Know

Is there something about the word "cleanroom" that people just don't get? Actually, no, it's not that. Cleanrooms are the most vital rooms in a facility within the food preparation, aerospace and medical/pharamceutical industries. And they are called cleanrooms for a reason, and we don't need to go into why. However, while they are supposed to [...]

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