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Control in Safety: Don’t Be Chicken Little!

Safety is, in some way, about control. Yes, we can admit that as safety officers, we really do not like free thought when it comes to workers. We would much rather have control over every worker's motions and movements and attitudes so they are always safe and removed from any illness or injury risk. [...]

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Be A Safety Leadership Warrior – Part I

Our old friend Robert Pater is at it again. The guru of safety leadership has been one to provide great insights into developing safety leadership and safety leaders within organizations, and has been active in providing thought-provoking articles in Professional Safety magazine that explore safety leadership in a number of ways and helping us understand the [...]

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Safety, Business and Greenery

As Kermit the Frog once said, "It ain't easy being green." Believe it or not, we safety officer could add a couple words to the end of that sentence: It ain't easy being green and safe. Now, I know what you might be thinking. There has been a generally accepted connotation with "green" initiatives in [...]

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Total Worker Health

It is the Holy Grail for safety officers. OK, besides Target Zero. Every safety officer is tasked with having a worksite that encourages health, safety and productivity among workers. Every safety officer feels achievement when every single person on the payroll comes to work as expected every single day and works their full shift and [...]

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