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For Small Business, Natural “Disaster” is Quite Apropos

In business, there is a crisis, and there is an emergency. Based on the size of your business, an emergency can happen every few years, or it could happen every week. It all comes down to perspective. [Image courtesy of Jessica Lea/DFID - UK Department of International Development from Flickr, via a Creative Commons [...]

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Going to School on OSH Accountability

Safety is truly all about accountability. Whether we like it or not. There is no better indicator of accountability than when a worker is safe, or when there is an incident that causes injury or death. Either way, accountability can be given to all, or it can be investigated and discovered. Sometimes accountability is necessary [...]

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Mastering Leadership

Leadership is something I have written about here several times, thanks to the great work by Robert Pater, who is a regular contributor to Professional Safety magazine on the topics of safety leadership and safety culture. Leadership can be a natural characteristic fo some people, but it also can be something that is learned and taught [...]

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Attacking Workplace Violence

Those of you who have read this blog before know me. I tend to be a bit sarcastic and witty (if I do say so myself) about most topics regarding safety - mostly to keep people entertained to read the valuable information this blog provides. When it comes to workplace violence, however, I will tend [...]

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October Safety Snippets, Part III

As this is now the third installment of safety briefs submitted to you this month (yes, my desk was cluttered so I did some fall cleaning - so sue me!), I will not bore you with much of an introduction. Let's pretty much get to it! Climate Change = Health Effects? Whether you believe in [...]

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October Safety Snippets, Part II

It is not often that Safety Snippets happen to come in two installments. Wait, never mind that. This is unprecedented. Every once in a while, even I don't mind when my little blog makes a little history. In the previous post, I started cleaning off my desk by adding a couple of brief safety items, [...]

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October Safety Snippets, Part I

We get to the first full month of fall (and Canadian Thanksgiving month - let us all be thankful!), and we get to start the month with a couple of safety briefs - actually, a couple of installments. Maybe we can call this doing our housekeeping a little early. Sadly, though, while it is fall, [...]

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