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Safety Snippets: December 30, 2016-January 6, 2017

Happy New Year, wherever you are! We here at Purcell Enterprises are hopeful that you have had a prosperous and safe 2016, and that you are looking forward to more progress in safety in 2017. We are hopeful that this blog has been helpful to you in providing valuable safety information that keeps you up-to-date [...]

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Opioids in the Workplace: Easing the Pain

Opioids are known as pain relievers. But some companies may be looking for a pain reliever to relieve the pain of having workers on pain relievers. It is one thing to take care of the selfish pain that we all go through, just so we can keep working. While working is dignified, and many of [...]

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Opioids in the Workplace: Risks and Realities

For construction workers, pain has become part of the job. It is one of the industries that features a high number of workers who work through pain that come from various worksite injuries. And painkillers, by extension, are a prevalent threat to worksites, especially those highly narcotic drugs called opioids, which are prescribed for intense [...]

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The Risk That’s in the Shadows

As safety professionals, we do have to look out for each other. As much as we can see and observe many of the prominent risks in our workplace, no individual safety officer is perfect. We all miss something. Why? Because not all risks are tangible and observable immediately. Many hazards and risks of which we [...]

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Safety Snippets: Dec. 16-23, 2016

It's Friday, the middle of the month ... which has usually no significant meaning to this blog. It was just an observation. (Funny, right?) This particular Friday means a little something though, as it means I get to clean off my desk by sharing a couple of safety briefs, which I call Safety Snippets. These [...]

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From Crisis Performance to Everyday Performance: Part II

A pile of sand responds in any environment. It doesn't need a pressure or crisis situation to do what it does as grains of sand are added to the pile. Its focus and direction of energy is natural. Sometimes we can't say the same thing for human beings. And in some cases, that can be [...]

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From Crisis Performance to Everyday Performance: Part I

We're all just a pile of sand. Or at least, we should try to be, and we shouldn't wait for some crisis to occur for our workforce to be as organized as a pile of sand. Yes, this seems like an odd metaphor, and I cannot say that it's my original idea. I do like [...]

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This Training Should be Infectious!

Ebola and Zika should have been wake-up calls, even if those "pandemics" never quite materialized like they were believed. We all were caught up in the news headlines for months about stories of new pandemics like Ebola and Zika coming from Africa and South America, respectively, and being overwhelmed by fear-mongering news about avian flu and other [...]

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The Marriage of Materiality and Sustainability

Is matter sustainable? The debate rages on. With some people, perception is that yes, matter is firm and solid and grounded. No one thinks of a rock as being temporary, or a steel bridge. We all think that those items will last more than our lifetime, so they must be forever and permanent. [Image [...]

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