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No, Sleepdriving is Not a Thing!

Long-haul commercial truck drivers have a tough job. Often having to drive thousands of miles across the country on a tight deadline yet being forced to meet stringent transportation regulations and getting incentives for driving more often than what might be safe just because of the good money involved. Maybe a recent study can help [...]

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Poor Sleep Costs More than a Pillow and a Bed

"As long as I get six hours of sleep, I'm good." Are you? Really? You have heard it many times before, and not just from your parents when you were younger. Much has been made of the health benefits for people who get an adequate amount of sleep (usually defined as seven or more hours [...]

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We Can’t Stress This Enough …

I really try not to stress out about keeping with my own editorial calendar when it comes to this blog. But I feel I have a duty and obligation to give you information in a timely and consistent fashion. There is some stress with most work - some of it self-inflicted, some of it not. [...]

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Here’s a Gun Control that Many Can Support

Can standards be wrong? Or at least, not go far enough? Might a government entity get it wrong entirely, or jsut not be caught up on what is truly best? I know, gasps abound at the thought, but it could well be true. There are some devices that can e very dangerous just with regular [...]

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A Valentine’s Gift: No Retaliation!

As Valentine's Day is upon us (and Happy Statehood Day to my friends down in Arizona), this is often seen as a holiday about love and acceptance and tolerance for others, not just those closest to us. It is said that we should also love our enemies as much as our friends, but sometimes that [...]

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The Battle of Major Incidents: Keys to Winning

We're not trying to say this is going to be easy. But for the sake of the safety and health of your workers, you should at least think of this is very necessary. We can't keep doing what we're doing. James Loud says as much in his recent Professional Safety magazine article about major incidents in [...]

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The Battle of Major Incidents: Symptoms of Ailment

If it seems like I am spending an awful lot of blog time and space on James Loud's Professional Safety magazine piece regarding major workplace incidents. Well maybe I am, so what of it? Not to seem defensive, but I do think this is an important article and it deserves a full discussion and encouragement for [...]

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The Battle of Major Incidents: 4 Major Misconceptions

James Loud was vociferous with his words in his recent Professional Safety magazine article that looked into possible reasons that the U.S. and Canada are experiencing higher risk of serious incidents at worksites, despite all the progress we have all made in reducing the number of incidents overall. I have been posting an in-depth look at Loud's [...]

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