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Safety Discipline: Goals, Crime and Punishment

Much of safety is about discipline. Protocols, guidelines and programs are really only on paper - it takes good manager and worker discipline to turn the paper into practice and keep workers safe while on the job (and in some cases, at home too). Discipline is inherent with many workers, but not everyone is so [...]

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The Shades of Safety Discipline

Safety is about the most important thing for any business or organization. And while human nature is to rebel against structure that is too strict, the best safety programs are ones that have an inherent rate of discipline among workers. Discipline comes in many difeerent forms, and no organization or company should ever have just [...]

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Home Healthcare: Safety Through Education

Healthcare workers are some of the hardest-working and yet underappreciated givers on our planet. Most of the work they do is to help and serve others who are in various states of disorder - from pneumonia or high fever to high blood pressure to cancer and gunshot wounds. Whenever someone is in trouble, healthcare workers [...]

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Put on THIS Coat of Armor!

There isn't anything entirely fool-proof when it comes to protecting us on the worksite from hazardous chemicals, smoke, vapors and other potential harm. Nothing is perfect, but having much of the protection we are expected to use certainly is manifold times better than going without. There are challenges with some complex environments where there are [...]

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You’re Workers, Not Slaves: Know Your Rights!

This is the Era of the Victim, or the Era of the Oppressed. But you know, many of the so-called "victims" are only victims of their own ignorance and arrogance. Some victims - like those of rape, robbery, assault, fraud - have legitimate grievances, while others only have it in their own heads that they [...]

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Adding a New Dimension to Standards

Technology has reached a new dimension, and so does safety. That dimension is the third, as in three dimensions, or 3D. The 3D movie and TV technology has been around for decades, and has continually been refined so that we don't need those dopey red-and-blue paper glasses to watch a 3D movie on in the [...]

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Safety Snippets: Incident Reports and Car Crash Info

For those who are new to this little corner of the Internet, thank you for joining our forces, which are committed to gathering the best information to help ensure safe and healthy workplaces. If you are not new to this blog, you are well aware that on occasion we will provide some quick-hit information from [...]

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Turning a Poll Headline on Its Head

The latest trend these days is "fake news." Fake news can be in several forms. In some circles, any news story that is considered negative or unfair is called fake news; in other circles, any story that uses only anonymous sources is fake news. In yet other circles, fake news could be a headline that [...]

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Taking Care of Health in Healthcare

Healthcare workers are vitally important for may of us. We could even categorize them as heroes sometimes, as many of them work very hard to save lives and get us healthy so we are able to spend as much time with our friends and family as would be possible. And many of them work long [...]

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