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Step Up in Safety: What Makes an Effective Leader?

Eddie Greer is very interested in finding and cultivating safety leaders in any organization. How do I know? He wrote an entire article about it in a recent issue of Professional Safety magazine. No one takes the time to do that unless he or she is passionate about the topic. and there is reason to [...]

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Step Up in Safety: Lead, Not Manage

Are safety officers leaders, or managers? What about supervisors? Managers? Are thy also leaders, or are they more managers? Do we even dare ask about the C-suite? We can admit it, in many ways managing is a bit easier than leading. But the latter is more needed when it comes to safety in a workplace. [...]

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Read About Safety Leadership

One of the keys to success that is talked about in many circles is to read and learn - a lot. The amount of success can be correlated to the voraciousness of reading non-fiction books, whether they are historical, biographical, self-improvement, financial or business books. In safety, having leadership is a secret to success. The [...]

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Louise Vallee: A Convo About Women in OSH

Recently, Professional Safety magazine did a quick question-and-answer profile about Louise Vallee, who is serving as chairman of the mentorship program led by the ASSE Women in Safety Engineering Common Interest Group. As you might imagine, safety engineering is one of those fields that you can say is male-dominant. Women have made some inroads in the last [...]

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Safety Snippets: Lack of Results, and Ample Resources

Those who have been loyal to this blog, you know what is post is about. For those who are relatively new, I welcome you to a Safety Snippet blog post. These are a recurring theme here, as short news items of importance to safety professionals come across my desk, and individual items are not long [...]

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Safety Discipline: Motive to Motivate

Workers are different, both individually and as a collective. This is why, in the art of safety discipline, it is importaatnt to have several tools in your toolbox to effect the necessary discipline - and there has to be a willingness to use any of the tools at any given time. Christopher Goulart wrote an [...]

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Safety Discipline: Feedback, and Coaching

Christopher Goulart developed an important article in a recent issue of Professioanal Safety magazine that discussed a lost art of discipline in workplaces in regards to overall worker safety. We have been drilling down into this article in a series of posts, which go from the importance of discipline in workplaces, the tools at our disposal [...]

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Safety Discipline: Solutions and Accountability, Not Blame

We safety officers know. We've been through the drill. It is always one thing to have a safety protocol in place on your worksite, down to the very last detail. It's a whole other thing to get and keep human beings to execute the protocol correctly every time. Humans are complicated creatures. Getting workers to stick [...]

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