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Arctic Drilling Safety Rules

Safety and the environment are the top factors that go into rules and regulations regarding drilling on U.S. federal lands. At least, that is what was stated by the U.S. Department of the Interior, for what it's worth. For a number of years, drilling on the U.S. Arctic Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) - the area [...]

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Q&A with Jared Smith: Of Contractors, Part II

Jared Smith of Avetta has been involved in the vetting and hiring of contractors for his company, and has provided advice for others when they are in the market for outsourcing some work to another firm. Contractors become part of the worksite as much as employees, even though they may be under different rules via [...]

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Q&A with Jared Smith: Of Contractors, Part I

Recently, Professional Safety magazine had a sit-down question-and-answer session with Jared Smith, co-founder of global technology firm Avetta (, with the main topic being about hiring and vetting contractors for various jobs - including health and safety roles on worksites. The contracting economy has grown in recent years, in that it is becoming a new way [...]

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Ergonomics Management: Take Act-ion

If you have been following along with our current blog series about establishing a ergonomics management program in your organization, you know a little bit about Shewhart's cycle of continuous improvement. With Shewhart, you have to Plan a process for improvement, then Do the work to put the Plan in place, then you have to [...]

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Ergonomics Management: Plan it Out

If you have been pay9ing attention to this blog over the last couple of years, I have been spending some legitimate time and blog space about safety leadership and ergonomics. There is a reason - I think these two areas are the most vital to a successful safety environment and safety culture. One is more metaphysical, [...]

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Ergonomics Management: Necessary Elements

Ergonomics is a thing. You can see with the funky keyboards, special chairs and desks in office spaces all around the world. But for those who know anything about ergonomics and safety culture, the equipment itself doesn't mitigate injuries or musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)  it takes a full safety program, or system, to ensure the ergonomics [...]

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Ergonnomics Management: About ISO 45001

As we all know, safety (unfortunately) doesn't just happen.While humans are advanced of monkeys and can be trained and coached, they are not robots. They do make mistakes and sometimes do things that are unsafe, even if they know they are unsafe. Because of that relative unpredictability, safety always has to be managed. To help [...]

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