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The Power of Fear: 8 Tactics to Counteract It as a Leader

Leadership is not about being fearless. It's about standing up to the fear and not letting it take your power. In business, fear of change, fear of risk, fear of failure can seem like very real fears. But a leader should be able to stand in the face of this fear and do what is [...]

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The Power of Fear: 11 Ways It Affects Leadership

Fear can be perhaps the most powerful emotion we have in our human arsenal. But rarely is it used in a productive way, and even more rarely is it used for good. And therein lies part of the problem with fear when in a leadership position. When you have a chance to make change and [...]

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The Power of Fear: Can We Afford To Fear It?

President Franklin Roosevelt famously said, "The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself." I was never really sure if that was completely reassuring, but it was a line that kept America going in the throes of World War Ii and the Great Depression - both of which America came out victorious. But when [...]

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Healthcare Workplace Violence Has Congress’ Attention

Healthcare has been under siege in several ways. We claim to want and need healthcare as some sort of human right, and yet we seem to treat it for granted, and many great servants of hte people are getting hurt or killed from doing their jobs. This is not even to discuss how the Affordable [...]

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The Ergonomics of a Safety Study

For those of you who have been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know I make no bones about ergonomics and its importance in the workplace in developing safe and healthy habits. I just recently wrote a whole series of posts about ergonomics management systems in the workplace. So if you know [...]

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Don’t Drone On About These Regulations

Sometimes safety rules aren't just about individuals - they are for the collective public. While virtually all safety rules and regulations are designed to protect individuals, of course there is an element that looks to protect others on the worksite, or the public, or vendors/contractors - anyone who may be in vicinity of some potentially [...]

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Union Report Perpetuates Its Own Reason for Existence

I will speak up here and say that I am quite appreciative of the work that labor unions have performed over the last 100 years. Because of their advocacy for workers, U.S. and Canada governments have passed a number of laws and regulations regarding worker safety, wages, and other benefits that have created a much [...]

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The Chipotle Effect on Food Safety

Many of us read headlines in the news. Maybe we don't read the stories because of their sensationalism, but many of us do remember reading the headlines anyway. There was a time not too long ago that the Mexican casual-dining chain, Chipotle, got into the headlines quite a bit, but not for good things. For [...]

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Putting Your Heart into Your Work

Is heart-disease risk stemming from work stress or poor lifestyle choices? Is there a way to separate the two options and find the causation? I love to look into studies that try to show causation of correlation between work (which is a natural activity for humans), stress levels and risk of health problems. I want [...]

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