(Transcribed from Video at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfJpRJg2P6hIvx7JAQsRAxQ)

So what are the advantages of working with Purcell Enterprises? Well, we build long term relationships, we have very experienced staff, and our customer service, particularly Mary, is second to none. We bend over backwards to help our clients.

So, let me start and talk about our experience. I have 30 years plus experience in health and safety audits. I’ve done literally thousands and very little surprises me, though every audit is unique and different. Our consultants have a great deal of experience.

We don’t use new auditors, we use very experienced and seasoned and personable, with a great sense of humor.

We have the knowledge, the experience, the passion to do an excellent job for you and to serve you to the best of our abilities and to give you a competitive advantage, because I spend a lot of time and effort, as do our consultants, to stay on the forefront of health and safety.