As a result of Bill C-30 the act in Alberta will be changed and become law on June 1, 2018.   The Certificate of Recognition (COR) Audits have to be changed to reflect the new definitions of  Suppliers, Owners and Self Employed Personnel and their roles in the Health and Safety Programs in Alberta and the COR auditing process.

As of January 1, 2019 all auditors will have 21 days to write up an audit report but still have 45 days to perform the field work.  Unfortunately, the fact auditors are human and get sick does not seem to be factored into this time line although several Certifying Partners assure me that when an auditor gets sick and because of it, misses the deadline–their case will be examined on an individual basis.

The new audit protocol will have 10 elements instead of the usual 8 for Partnerships audits and will emphasize, according to early reports, health and safety committees, the new definitions affecting stake holders in the auditing process like suppliers and self employed personnel.  Competency based training will be emphasized along with the enhanced use of leading indicators like near miss reporting.

Time frames for auditors submitting corrections will be shortened to 15 days instead of 30 as well. Moreover, many certifying partners are emphasizing certifications like the NCSO, the CRSP and the certified health and safety consultant certification from the CSSE for auditors to obtain. Health and Safety Auditing in Alberta and Canada as a whole is becoming a profession now.