(Transcribed from Video at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfJpRJg2P6hIvx7JAQsRAxQ)

COR and SECOR stands for the Certificate of Recognition program, COR, for larger employees, 11 or more. SECOR is the small employer Certificate of Recognition program for 10 or less employees, and it’s usually done by the company themselves.

The intent is to attain a Certificate of Recognition which is comparing apples to apples because it uses an audit process that has a set number of elements for every industry in Alberta. And it makes you eligible for an automatic 5% back on your WCB premiums with up to 20% back for being an industry leader. Usually the first time you get COR, you get 10% back to offset the costs of creating a safety program and implementing it.

COR can often be used as a bid requirement. A lot of prime contractors want companies with COR because it means they have a basic health and safety program. That in a nutshell is COR and SECOR.