Safety and Workplace Discipline

(Transcribed from Video at In the early 19th century, one in four women died in childbirth in hospitals. Actually, sometimes it was up to 100%. That was a paradigm or normal in the 19th century. That was reality, to 19th century people. They didn't think it could be changed. Today, the leading cause of accidental [...]

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A look at the Ten elements of the AASP Alberta Parnerships Health and Safety Audits

(Transcribed from Video at The 10 elements of the AASP audit. Element 1 which is management, leadership, and commitment. This has not changed other than the health and safety policy has to have three items. It has to have a phrase, which encompasses all parties and it has to meet the legislation and it has [...]

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What has changed for the 2019 Alberta Safety Audit Process?

(Transcribed from Video at People have asked me how you can prepare for the 2-19 Partnerships' audit. It's changed massively from this year. There's going to be two new sections. There's going to be a section on health and safety committees because health and safety committees, as of June 1st, 2-18 are mandatory in Alberta. [...]

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Competency Based Training in Alberta Industry Safety

(Transcribed from Video at Some people have asked me under the 219, January first partnerships audit, is there gonna be more emphasis on competency based training? - You bet! There will be, so you want to make sure you have a good system in place. You should identify new workers, either with green hardhats or [...]

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Who and what are Certifying Partners for Alberta Safety Programs?

(Transcribed from Video at There is some confusion about the role of certifying partners and the Workers Compensation Board in Alberta. There used to be about 14 certifying partners. The certifying partners were responsible for the Certificate of Recognition Program which is a partnership between Occupational health and safety, Workers Compensation Board, which supplies the [...]

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Do I need Health and Safety Committee for my Alberta business?

(Transcribed from Video at Health and safety committees, What are they? How do you comply with the new Alberta requirements for a health and safety committee in Alberta as of June first, 2018. The June first, 2018 health and safety committee requirements are based on the federal regulations. Also, many certifying partners like manufacturers have [...]

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Another Safety Power Tip for Alberta Businesses

(Transcribed from Video at A power tip is the cheapest Alberta Act Code and Regulation is available at Alberta Constructions Safety Association's website. It'll set you back about $28 versus $35 or $38 for the Queen's Printer. So, if you want it cheap per legislation, go to the ACSA.

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What happened to WHMIS 2015 and How does it work now?

(Transcribed from Video at Many people have asked me about WHMIS 215 which is also known as the Globally Harmonized System, which is used world wide now with nuances in every country. Canada is one of the last countries in the world to implement GHS WHMIS, or WHMIS 215 as it's known. We have had [...]

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Alberta Safety in Industry – Why should there be Incentives for Safe Work?

(Transcribed from Video at People often ask me, "Barb, why should I have incentives? "They're costly, they're trinkets, "they may prevent the reporting of incidents." "If I'm an accountant, do I get an incentive "for balancing the books? "No, I don't, it's just part of the job. "So why should I give incentives for people [...]

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A Safety power tip for Alberta Businesses

(Transcribed from Video at I have a tip in how to choose an auditor. When you're interviewing for the position, make sure that you have an auditor that you're comfortable with that has a great deal of experience in auditing. If they don't have a lot of auditing experience, you want to make sure that [...]

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