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So what markets does Purcell Enterprises best serve?

(Transcribed from Video at Well, I'm certified in seven different health and safety areas. We do oil and gas, we do trucking, we do construction, we do food processing, we do manufacturing, and we also do grab bags, like AASP - the Alberta Association of Safety Partnerships, which has things like staffing agencies, retail, security, [...]

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How do I as an Employer deal with Cannabis legalization in Canada?

One word--the Canadian Model for Drug and Alcohol Use established by the Construction Owners Association of Alberta and Energy Safety of Canada formerly known as Enform.  This system incorporates the leading legal opinions on drugs in the work place and how they affect workers in the workplace and employer's duties and responsibilities. Google the Construction [...]

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Amendments to the WCB Act in Alberta

The WCB Act in Alberta is changing!  The WCB Act in Alberta is changing!  Make note--they are major! As of January 1, 2018 the Alberta Price Index will no longer be reduced by 0.5% for claims.  Calculations will now be based on the actual Consumer Price Index or CPI without any reductions. As of April [...]

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Health and Safety Audit legislation

As a result of Bill C-30 the act in Alberta will be changed and become law on June 1, 2018.   The Certificate of Recognition (COR) Audits have to be changed to reflect the new definitions of  Suppliers, Owners and Self Employed Personnel and their roles in the Health and Safety Programs in Alberta and the COR [...]

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What are the benefits of working with Purcell Enterprises?

(Transcribed from Video at So what are the advantages of working with Purcell Enterprises? Well, we build long term relationships, we have very experienced staff, and our customer service, particularly Mary, is second to none. We bend over backwards to help our clients. So, let me start and talk about our experience. I have 30 [...]

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What is a Health and Safety Audit from Purcell about?

(Transcribed from Video at So, most people think health and safety audits are akin to getting your teeth pulled. Painful, boring, and not fun, but with Purcell Enterprises we make auditing an experience. I'm going to talk about how to pass a health and safety audit well. First of all, you have to do your [...]

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Core Services at Purcell Enterprises

(Transcribed from Video at So, what are the core services of Purcell Enterprises? We're primarily a health and safety auditing firm. We do core audits. We believe in a proactive approach towards health and safety. And the core audit system which we do, gives many advantages, almost like a medical checkup of your health and [...]

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Cannabis canada truth consequence from a health and safety perspective

While cannabis will soon be legalized in Canada, it does not mean that it will be entirely decriminalized. This is much like alcohol, which is a substance that is taxed and regulated, yet has legal consequences and ramifications when it is consumed in excessive amounts or in risky situations (like behind the wheel of a [...]

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Cannabis in Canada-From a Federal Perspective (Health and Safety)

Cannabis is coming to Canada, whether we like it or not. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your perspective), cannabis is not something that is native to our Canadian soil. It is considered a potentially "invasive" plant species, but in a limited way it will be allowed to enter Canada and be grown, processed and distributed [...]

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Cannabis in Canada-All politics are local

There is a saying that all politics are local. This make sense, when you realize that much of the definitions of "politic" and "politics" have to do with relationships and how people relate to you. And it's much easier to relate with people when they are in your neighborhood. When it comes to politics and [...]

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