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Client Testimonials

Barb Semeniuk's contribution to SafetyXChange cannot be overstated. But it can be explained. You see, for any professional community to thrive, it must possess three qualities: energy, insight and humanity. In Barb Semeniuk, SafetyXChange has found them residing within the soul of a single individual."

Glenn Demby
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Barbara's Books





Essential Elements of Any Health and Safety Program that Rocks! - Video Book

This video book is about the fundamental elements that compromise an Occupational Health and Safety program and the Health and Safety Auditing System. Each of the 9 elements discusses the fundamental concepts important to creating a health and safety program that rocks! The health and safety audit system looks for certain key components and these are highlighted in each section of this video audio book. The next step is discussed after the fundamentals have been concisely highlighted and explained in lay man terms. This video book is fundamental in creating a health and safety program that meets and/or exceeds auditing standards and may prevent the tragic consequences of incidents, accidents, near misses and occupational diseases. Download it now and create world class health and safety programs!

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Price: $32.00  


Your Health and Safety Obligations - Audio Book

This audio book sets out the responsibilities of Senior Management, Management, Supervisors, Workers, Prime Contractors, Visitors in creating a work place that is safer and meets Due Diligence requirements. (Due Diligence is doing everything reasonable and practicable to protect the health and safety of your employees, visitors and contractors to prevent litigation.) Ignorance of the law is not a defence against prosecution. Learning what you are responsible under Occupational Law is simply a best practice that may give you a competitive advantage against your competition. As well, taking health and safety courses that are accepted by industry and recognized by them is a must in the sea of organizations offering health and safety courses. This audio book will be a powerful tool in creating a healthier and safer work environment and distinguish you from your competition. At $37.00 it is a bargain!

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Women in Process

We are proud to offer access to Women in Process by Womanition, an organization dedicated to supporting and promoting women in business.

Price: $8.97  
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Everything you ever wanted to know about safety but felt too unsafe to ask

Workplace safety is a subject that's dear to Barbara Semeniuk's heart. Now a recognized expert in the field, she has spent almost three decades helping both employers and employees build safer, healthier workplaces. She has trained thousands of people and assessed safety practices at hundreds of companies all over North America.

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