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Client Testimonials

"Very professional, unbiased audit. Ms. Semeniuk recommended some minor changes that resulted in increased efficiency."

Glenda Palmer
Corporate Safety & Risk Manager
Triple Random Inc.
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Client Results

Client: Jomax Drilling

Issue: It is critical to this contractor to the oil and gas industry to keep the incidences of serious injuries down. A high injury rate could have a dramatic negative impact on the amount of business flowing from clients in this very safety-sensitive industry. In a problem unique to this industry, the company had to ensure the safety of employees working on rigs in remote locales, where emergency care is often unavailable and pinching and crushing injuries are all-too-frequent.

Solution: Purcell developed a Safety Awareness Program that could be taught to a few key people, who could then instruct other employees in the field. The program was designed to ensure safety is uppermost on every employee's mind before he ventures into the dangerous environment of remote rigs. And, to give the program the greatest chance of success, Purcell worked to be sure there was buy-in to the program from the very highest levels of the company."We wanted to be sure our guys were thinking about safety first, before they did anything. It's a lot easier to prevent injuries than to deal with them in this tough environment," commented Michel Panet-Raymond, Director of Human Resources for Jomax Drilling.

Result: The Safety Awareness Program has resulted in a reduction in the number of serious employee injuries, a key competitive advantage for Jomax. "We find that employees are now noticing things before they happen, which goes a long way toward preventing injuries and keeping our injury rates as low as possible," Panet-Raymond said.

Client: Anonymous (Global Retailer)

Issue: This huge global retailer is particularly noted for its concern for the safe and well-being of its employees. But it must also find ways to keep costs under strict control.

Solution: Using earlier audits as a basis, we have created action plans the company can use to continue to gain its Certificate of Recognition. These action plans are instead of a maintenance audit and are customized to the challenges and strengths the client exhibits. We have provided clear instructions, which employees follow to fill out and send these action plans to the Certifying Partner. This grassroots involvement ensures that Health and Safety hazards are more readily identified because instead of one pair of eyes assessing the hazards there is a team from each store. Cost control is achieved because these action plans are less than one-third the cost of an maintenance audit. To ensure quality control, Purcell Enterprises gathers the results from each store and creates an actionable synopsis of the results from each warehouse.

Result: The retailer has been able to reduce its auditing costs, while keeping employees involved in the process of measuring the Health and Safety program. It is a major benefit to keep employees-who are the closest to day-to-day operations-involved in this process as they can more readily see the hazards they experience everyday and develop employee-driven insights for the Health and Safety program. As an added benefit, because they participate in the process, they are more likely to own and champion the auditing and action plan cycle!

Client: Anonymous (Western Canadian Grocer)

Issue: Company wanted copies of legislation, but didn't want to pay the high cost often associated with the documentation. It wanted cutting-edge solutions, but its udget was tight, so it came to Purcell Enterprises for a solution.

Solution: Purcell provides the company with copies of important legislation at a very reasonable cost. We also alert them to the latest developments in emergency planning, including plans for evacuating the public and those with disabilities in a timely and efficient manner. We informed them of an innovative eyewash station and connected them to PPE Sites on the Internet that have the latest technology and solutions to common PPE problems. We also connected them to one of our clients: a large international fast food company that had a great standardized Health and Safety program at each of its franchises for additional information on PPE like oven mitts that were durable, washable and provided more protection to their deli workers. We also spoke to their managers and employees on innovative Health and Safety solutions to some of their problems and some of the latest technological developments in the field. This was so well-received by the client and our contact recommended that the Purcell's president deliver a presentation on innovative inspections and managing generation X and Y at the Western Regional Health and Safety conference in British Columbia this year.

Result: Thanks to the legislative information, additional technological solutions to some of their complex Health and Safety problems and alerts we send this client's way, the company is able to ensure the safety of its employees and customers, a clear competitive advantage in the marketplace. Additionally, the company is now able to benchmark with an international fast food company that did not compete with them in any way and share information on Health and Safety issues and innovations.

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