Claims Management

(Transcribed from Video at Health and safety is a huge area. There's industrial hygiene, there's auditing, there's program building, there's also claims management. Effective claims management should be part and parcel of any effective health and safety program. You should have a modified work program where injured workers can be work hardened and be able [...]

2019-03-14T16:01:05-06:00April 24th, 2019|Safety Matters, Video|

Purcell Enterprises Offers Program Building for Health and Safety

(Transcribed from Video at Many clients have asked Purcell Enterprises if we do more than health and safety auditing. I've concentrated on health and safety auditing because I'm comfortable doing it. I've been doing health and safety auditing for over 30 years, I've done over a thousand audits. I've looked at a thousand different health [...]

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Changes That Took Effect in Alberta on January 1, 2019 for Health and Safety

(Transcribed from Video at Basically, January 1, 2019 is when the changes that took place June 1, 2018, Bill C-30 came into effect, and one of the areas that has become very much different is the whole area of contractor management or other workplace parties affected by the employer. So these are people like visitors, [...]

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Health and Safety 2019 – When Do You Need a Representative Vs a Committee?

(Transcribed from Video at Many people ask me when do I need a health and safety committee representative, and when do I need a health and safety committee? Because they're new as of January 1, 2019; actually they date to June 1, 2018 when they came into being. You need a health and safety committee [...]

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7 Industries Purcell Works With

(Transcribed from Video at I'm frequently asked what industries Purcell Enterprises works with. We work with seven. We work with construction, manufacturing, food processing, trucking, oil and gas, and two grab bag organizations, Alberta Safety Council and AASP. So we cover almost every industry in the province, and we've had over 30 years experience auditing, [...]

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Make Sure Your Health and Safety Plan Covers Medical Marijuana

(Transcribed from Video at I'm frequently asked if there's any updates to the cannabis program, and I have to say that you should check your drug and alcohol policy and make sure that it includes medical marijuana because medical marijuana is legal. However, there's zero tolerance for safety-sensitive positions and it's important that you have [...]

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Purpose, Autonomy and Mastery

(Transcribed from Video at Purpose, autonomy, mastery. Purpose leads to autonomy. Autonomy leads to mastery, which leads to purpose. It's a virtuous cycle. So what I'm saying is that we have to cease treating workers as children, and we have to treat them as autonomous adults that will do the right thing 80 to 90% [...]

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Safety Motivation and Expectations

(Transcribed from Video at Modern theory today says there are three ways to influence people, to motivate people. 'Cause motivation is intrinsic. It's self-generated. You can manipulate, you can force, or the best outcome is you can positively influence people to do the right thing when nobody's watching. For example, they drive the speed limit, [...]

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Victimization and Safety Audit Expectations

(Transcribed from Video at As Steve Covey says, "You manage things, not people." Compliance to rules means to conform, submit, or adapt as required, and it results in a loss of control. How do you react when you have a loss of control? You resist in any way possible, subtly or overt, and you become [...]

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The Command and Control Paradigm

(Transcribed from Video at Command and control is the new paradigm in Alberta. Actually, it's a very old paradigm. It has existed since forever. And that is where you command and control your workers. You command and control your auditors. You basically tell them what to do, and they have to adapt, submit and follow [...]

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