Why Do You Need An Audit?

An audit examines your health and safety management system through looking at documentation, observation, and interviews. Audits use all three aspects to verify that they are factual. An audit determines the strengths and opportunities for improvement so you can enhance your health and safety program and better protect your workers.

Furthermore, an inspection examines the health and safety system in place, where as an audit examines the health and safety management system.

We Are A Unique Company In Partnership

Purcell Enterprises works in partnership with you to enhance your health and safety programs, so you can protect your employees. We believe in working together to make you stronger.

Why Should You Attain A Certificate Of Recognition (COR)?

A Certificate of Recognition is a voluntary program and it moves you to the next level to become a top-tier company in Canada. The benefits include 20% back in WCB premiums and it allows you to bid on projects that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to bid on.

Why You Should Want To Pass Your Certificate Of Recognition

The Certificate of Recognition (COR) is a four year program. Purcell Enterprises helps you achieve your certificate of recognition so that you can move to the next level and achieve your dreams and better protect the health and safety of your employees.

With the knowledge gained from the four year program, you can better prevent accidents and save lives. Become a socially-responsible and profitable company today by completing the Certificate of Recognition.

How Do I Make My Safety Meetings Pop?

Purcell Enterprises can help make your safety meetings fun, dynamic and innovative by making them personalized and having people participate.

Why Did You Start Purcell Enterprises?

Barbara Seminuk started Purcell Enterprises to make a difference and build synergy with their clients. We provide excellent customer service in an industry where that is still lacking. We can help you save money, time, and understand what drives a good safety program, what is good management and what prevents litigation.

Who We Work With

We work with microbusinesses to large organizations that have thousands of employees. Most often our clients want to have an audit for three basic reasons: first, to make a difference; second, to avoid fines that can shut down the business; and third, because safety is good management.

What Audits Should I Use?

There are currently two different audit choices to choose from. First, you can get your Certificate of Recognition (COR) where you will need to document everything, or you can choose to go with ISO 14001, which is a performance standard. Both will assist you in evaluating your health and safety programs.

Health And Safety Committees Are Mandated, But What Is In It For Me?

A good health and safety committed enhances worker-management communication, informs you what is going on in your organization, and gives everybody a voice. Management working together with employees can aid in communication and help make your workplace safer.

Our Process

To start, we will come to your office and have a meeting with the management staff to discuss a schedule, the logistics, and what we are going to do for your company. We will also need to check documentation, observe the site, and interviewing a representative sample of employees. We will then perform the audit. After that, we will visit with your workers to find out if the program is getting into the field and if the management has any gaps in knowledge.

To finish up, we will have a preliminary close out meeting so you can know exactly what our findings are. The report that we provide is extremely extensive and will help you to create a plan which you can implement to enhance your health and safety management system.