“Caring about others, running the risk of feeling, and leaving an impact on people, brings happiness.”
Rabbi Harold Kushner

With all the corporate scandals and the malaise in the stock markets it is easy to forget that one of the most important gifts we bring to our jobs is caring.caring about other people and leaving an impact through the people we touch.

Caring however, comes close to home. Start by self care: with all the multi-tasking and stress in our lives start by using methods that work for you to handle stress. Delegate where necessary, and follow methods that have worked for you like either handling e-mail messages once or twice a day or in real time. Go for a walk before winter settles in and enjoy the crisp, cool air of autumn, watch children laughing or playing, and try to be grateful for the good things in your life.

At work, remember work is people, the relationships we have with ourselves, our co-workers, our staff, and our clients. People deal with a company because of the people they come into contact with.you are your company…acknowledge a client or a co-worker.

Acknowledging someone is different than complimenting them. To acknowledge someone is to recognize a talent, gift or characteristic that is unique to them. Instead of acknowledging, most of us have learned to compliment each other. We comment on something we like about another instead of focusing our remarks on who they are. Compliments are usually about us ( I think you did a great job on this project, I admired your performance). Using the word ” I” is a clue that it’s about you. When acknowledging the accomplishments of others, the goal is to make it about them. Let me give you an example of what I mean.

My neighbours have the best garden on the street. It is an oasis of beauty and calm with fountains, birds, and greenery and flowers, glorious flowers! I happened to catch my neighbour working in the garden and I said to him, ” I love the flowers you planted, thank you,” then I acknowledged his gift more personally by saying ” You have such a beautiful garden. Thank you so much for taking the time and energy to share your gift with the neighbourhood!.

It was a win-win situation, it made him feel good and it made me feel good about myself.

Acknowledge your co-workers and your staff: workers consistently indicate that one of the most powerful motivators to them is genuine acknowledgement or praise. Most people who enjoy their jobs feel valued at work. Be a part of this process. Think about how this person has improved their life, or what they’ve accomplished in the last few months and let them know you noticed.

Your clients are an essential part of the business, they deal with your company because of you.your relationship often is an integral part of the business relationship. People deal with people. Try to know a little about your client as a human being.do they have children, where do they love to travel, what are some of their hobbies. Show you care by mentioning aspects of their lives that you admire or identify with. You’ll feel good and so will they.

Random acts of kindness week is past but remember kindness, caring and compassion are human qualities which make us feel good about ourselves and others. Acknowledge someone close to you today..and show you care.

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