Never in history has it been more critical that a company’s executives and health and safety professionals understand how to make their workplaces as safe as possible. A single serious accident or injury can strain a company’s resources, putting the very survival of the company at risk—at a time when an organization needs all of its resources to compete effectively.

We coach clients in how to run successful health and safety programs. Acting as mentors, we assist clients in making a difference in their businesses and thinking innovatively, while remaining competitive.

Each coaching engagement is customized to the specific needs of a particular executive, company and industry. Our one-on-one, intensive program creates executives and safety professionals who understand how to build a safety program that will work for their company.

We have worked with health and safety professionals and executives from major corporations and in a number of industries, including oil and gas, mining and food processing. We’ve probably worked with executives in your industry. Let us help you make your executives more safety-conscious and your company more competitive.

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Good news: You don’t have to fear your health and safety audit any more. At Purcell, we understand how critical it is that you remain in compliance by passing your health and safety audit flawlessly and with as little time, trouble and expense as possible.

At Purcell, we have been providing the services companies need to remain compliant for more than 25 years.

The consulting and auditing services we provide include:
  • Worksite inspections and audits
  • Onsite industry-specific training programs for managers and employees
  • Safety program development
  • Regulatory compliance consultations
  • Hazard Assessments
  • Safety reviews, recommendations and implementation plans
  • Industrial hygiene services
  • Risk management to reduce Workman’s Compensation losses
  • Evaluation of Workman’s Compensation benefits and potential rebates
  • Accident investigations
  • Training for substance abuse recognition and control


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Speaking Topics

Barb is available to speak at your next meeting or company event, letting your employees know just how dedicated you are to corporate safety. With more than 25 years of health and safety experience under her belt, she can speak on a wide variety of topics, including:

  • The Beauty of the Balanced Score Card Initiative and Health and Safety
    • Barb will explain how this process works and how to use it as a valuable tool in your health and safety program
  • How Behavioural-Based Safety Can Make a Difference Corporately
    • Human nature and weaknesses can lead to workplace incidents and accidents. But, if you understand how to modify your employees’ behavior, you can use human nature to your advantage. Barb will explain how in this presentation.
  • Innovative Inspections
    • Make inspections an opportunity to innovate. Barb will explain how.
  • Managing Generation Y
    • If you’re going to create a safe and healthy workplace, you need to engage ALL your employees. That includes younger employees, whose attitudes and behaviour often seems foreign to seasoned managers. Barb will explain how to make your younger employees an integral part of your safety program.

Here’s what people say about Barb’s presentations:

“I can apply this information and make a difference.”
(Health and Safety Practitioner at Innovative Inspections seminar.)

“I never realized the differences in the generations’ approach to management style and practice.”
(Generation Y Student.)

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Accelerated Learning

Purcell integrates accelerated learning techniques into its courses and presentations.

Accelerated learning employs knowledge recently gained about the human mind to help accelerate learning.

We now know that the human mind has three parts, with the thinking part like a rider perched above the huge animal brain, which deals with emotion. The thinking part was the last to evolve and employs logic. The animal brain deals with emotion, whereas the oldest part of the brain, the reptilian part, deals with automatic functions like breathing and sex.

When teaching, it is best to engage all levels of the brain in order to accelerate learning. That is why stories are so effective; they deal with logic, emotion and repetition, engaging all levels of the brain. Case studies also involve the learner in gaining the necessary information themselves (self-directed learning) and a good case study should employ all three elements to involve the learner: emotion, logic and repetition.

There should be frequent changes/chunking of the information, because the brain follows the 90-20-8 rule. No more than 90 minutes of course content and every 20 minutes there should be change either in movement of the student’s body, change of pace ,style and/or delivery. Additionally, every eight minutes there should be an exercise and/or repetition in an engaging format, in order to enforce the learned content. In this manner, accelerated learning will occur.

It is also important that the process engage all the senses: visual, verbal and kinesthetic. Whenever I am instructing, designing a course, or facilitating I employ these techniques. The key is to have fun, to engage the learner and to accelerate the learning!

Meeting Planners

If you’re a meeting planner building the agenda for your company’s next event, consider this: You could hardly plan a more productive way for your employees to spend their time at your next meeting. Health and safety awareness can dramatically decrease the incidence of work-related injuries. That can save your company millions of dollars annually in lost productivity and injury-related costs.

Let us custom-create a health and safety-focused program for your next meting or conference. We will work with you to develop a program built around issues most critical to your business or industry. We can offer any combination of our speaking topics (See Speaking), modified to meet your company’s most pressing needs. Award-winning teacher and lecturer Barb Semeniuk will deliver the presentations to your employees or industry group.

For more information or to book a presentation for your next event, please call Mary Treadwell at 780-757-6680.