SIMPLER SYSTEM: 7 Strategies for Inspired Leadership

Training for many Supervisors and Managers frequently consists of, “Good Luck.” The SIMPLER SYSTEM: 7 Strategies for Inspired Leadership provides simple, complete and concise frontline leadership training. It’s all about involving the employee in the training, not laying the training on with hopes of results.

These workshops grew from years of experience of a variety of professional speakers, trainers, facilitators and coaches. While the basics are in place, ALL workshops are customized to fit your industry and your company. So, let’s talk!

SIMPLER SYSTEM: 7 Strategies for Inspired Leadership – workshop –

At this powerful session you are introduced to Garth Roberts’ SIMPLER SYSTEM:

  • Self – discover your communication style and how it impacts your customers
  • Inventory Time – identify what’s currently working for you and what you need to quit doing
  • Marketplace – identify market trends in your industry
  • Plan – improve planning techniques to increase profits
  • Lead – leverage your business to be the one your competitors are following
  • Entrepreneur – turn your team into entrepreneurs who champion you
  • Repeat – keep on track with improvements and adjustments as you move forward

Speak With Confidence – Presentation Skills

Good speakers are made – not born. Learning to speak confidently takes work. Remember: you can be as good a speaker as you want to be. You will be given tools. You will be taught how to use them. Allow yourself the opportunity to succeed. Give yourself time not only to prepare but to practice assignments.

This course is based on the Canadian Best Selling book, Speaking With Pow!-R by Betty K. Cooper

Business Writing

Move others to action with clear, concise and complete writing. Learn the skills you need to improve your written communication.

Technical Writing

Include clear, concise, complete writing into technical papers, reports and proposals, while inserting appropriate charts, graphs, pictures and data. Frequently it’s as much how you write it as what you write.

Stress to Bliss – Stress Management

Stress is one of the biggest challenges for workers today. This workshop provides participants with tools to combat stress and enables leaders to recognize stress and its impact on employees.

Civility in the Workplace

This workshop provides you with a set of communication skills to strengthen and support an environment of civility in the workplace today. Participants learn how to identify and assess emotional triggers and personal reactions then evaluate the consequences of incivility on the emotional environment in the workplace while taking appropriate action.

Conflict Resolution for the Workplace

In this workshop participants learn to understand and identify how different people handle conflict. You also learn what escalates conflict situations, how to master strategies to reduce conflict escalation and to assert yourself confidently.