Supervisors and Managers Role: Impacting Contractor Actions and Safety

Monitoring contractors by supervision and management is key to keeping workers safe and preventing injuries. To better understand the difference between supervision and management, it is wise to separate the two and explain the responsibility of each role. Once the roles are properly understood, companies should pay attention to behaviors as supervisors and managers monitor [...]

2021-09-02T12:08:52-06:00September 2nd, 2021|Business, Newsletter, Safety Matters|

Safety Briefs: Hazardous Materials

It's time to put on our briefs! Let's hope that is the raciest I will ever get here. Every month, our friends at Professional Safety magazine post some handy safety briefs that are informative and useful for many safety officers in North America. Some are reminders, some are advisories, and some are just specific little tidbits [...]

2017-05-09T10:22:15-06:00February 12th, 2016|Safety Matters|

Addressing HazCom: Markel-ing Territory

Communication is always the secret to effective safety in any worksite. While words themselves - written or spoken - do not necessarily cause incidents or injuries directly, a lack of effective communication can certainly lead to such problems if not handled and addressed in an effective manner. Communication is so important, there is an OSHA [...]

2017-05-09T10:22:17-06:00February 9th, 2016|Safety Matters|

From Reading to Knowing: Addressing HazCom

Many of us learned how to read when we were little. We were able to practice with our parents the concept of sounding out letters, syllables and words to be able to read whole sentences. And then whole paragraphs. We smile at the accomplishment of getting through a Dr. Seuss book reading flawlessly. But as [...]

2017-05-09T10:22:18-06:00February 5th, 2016|Safety Matters|

Safety Should be Permanent for Temps

Safety should always be permanent in workplaces, even those with temporary or contract workers. While temps might not be part of your regular payroll, they are not less human than your staff, and safety can be every bit as important (and should be) for everyone on a job site, regardless of a worker's employment status. [...]

2017-05-09T10:22:21-06:00January 29th, 2016|Safety Matters|

Grinding Out Best Safety Practices – Part III

Now, we are grinding to a halt. So to speak. Over the last week, I have been going over a recent article in the November 2015 issue of Professional Safety magazine that discussed best safety practices when operating and working around an abrasive wheel grinder, which is so common in certain worksites where repairs and manufacturing [...]

2017-05-09T10:22:24-06:00January 22nd, 2016|Safety Matters|

Grinding Out Best Safety Practices

Maintaining and manufacturing safety is a full-time job virtually anywhere. But when there is a single piece of machinery that can cause a tremendous amount of human damage, safety professionals like us need to pay attention. And it happens to be a tool that is common machinery, maintaining and manufacturing many notable risks to human [...]

2017-05-09T10:22:27-06:00January 15th, 2016|Safety Matters|
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