(Transcribed from Video at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfJpRJg2P6hIvx7JAQsRAxQ)

Health and safety committees, What are they? How do you comply with the new Alberta requirements for a health and safety committee in Alberta as of June first, 2018. The June first, 2018 health and safety committee requirements are based on the federal regulations. Also, many certifying partners like manufacturers have had it mandatory as part of their external audit process to have health and safety committees, if you have twenty or more employees. which is federal. And also provincial now in Alberta. If you have between five to nineteen employees, you need a worker rep, who can be selected or elected by the workers. And you also need a worker and management chair. You have to have a minimum of four people on the committee, and they have to be trained. Alberta is going to make training for health and safety committee members government approved.

Talk to your certifying partners to find out if their training is approved. It should be. And once you take this training, your committee members will meet the legislation. Some provinces like Saskatchewan, have their own health and safety committee member training, and I believe Alberta will be doing so, shortly. Health and safety committees should have a worker and management co-chair, and in Alberta, they alternate. So basically, you should have good terms of reference as to what makes quorum, and what to do in the event of the deadlock if there is a tie between worker and management members. Usually, management rules. However, in certain circumstances, that is not always the case. So, basically, with health and safety committees, you want to make sure that you have one, or you will be subject to fines under the Alberta legislation. By 2019, everyone in Alberta should have a workplace committee, or worker rep. Tied in with this, is the fact that if you have 20 or more employees, you are now going to have to have a health and safety program.