Purcell Enterprises is a safety and loss management consulting firm operating in both Canada and the United States. A recognized leader in the field, we have more than 20 years’ experience in industrial health and safety.

Purcell Enterprises encourages health and safety in all industries, through education, research and application. We offer safety audits and inspections, industry-specific training programs and consulting services to organize and improve your company’s health and safety policies and routines.

Clients include, metal fabricators, food processors, pipeline construction companies, manufacturers, oilfield workers, construction companies, trucking companies, school boards, municipalities, government organizations and more.

Seven Reasons for a Health and Safety Program

Health and Safety programs are important because they:

  1. Save Money: Health and safety programs save organizations from unnecessary litigation, fines and losses, both in terms of personnel and equipment. They positively impact the bottom line by increasing productivity, quality and safety. Employee morale is enhanced through the reduction of losses and waste.
  2. Exceed Legislative Requirements: Safety programs help organizations exceed the bare minimum required by legislation. They allow companies to meet accepted industry standards and government regulations, while also protecting them against litigation and fines.
  3. Enhance Morale: Organizations with integrated safety programs are safer, friendlier places to work. Morale is improved because workers know the company is dedicated to them and that employees actively care about one another.
  4. Meet Ethical Standards: At Purcell, we believe that we are our all responsible for looking out for one another. This is a golden rule practiced by most morally responsible and ethical individuals, organizations and governments. An organization with an integrated safety program proves by its actions that it is committed to doing the right thing for its employees.
  5. Meet Due Diligence Requirements: Safety programs ensure that organizations are doing what is reasonable and just to prevent incidents and losses. Due diligence cannot be parachuted in after the fact-it must be an integral part of an organization’s operations. It is often critical to a company’s survival because it is often the only defense in court and under Occupational Health and Safety law.
  6. Protect Directors, Senior Management and the Management team from being tried under the Criminal Code of Canada: According to Bill C-45, if a company’s management knowingly created an unsafe or hazardous environment, or circumvented known laws and someone is killed in the workplace, management can be tried for murder. Safety programs can provide critical proof that management has done everything it can to ensure a safe and good workplace.
  7. Cover all the Bases: Safety programs often prevent incidents from happening because they employ proven elements that may proactively protect against injuries and/or accidents.

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Our Core Values

Client-Focused: We always strive to exceed client expectations by thoroughly understanding and appreciating the uniqueness of each client situation. This customized approach means that we are attuned to each client’s needs. Over our 20 years in business, we have learned how to focus on what every client wants and needs.

Professionalism: We provide the professional development, support and resources necessary to meet the present and future needs of clients. We are always flexible and adaptable. We have an unfailing commitment to excellence and thoroughly enjoy helping companies create safer environments for their people.

Integrity: Honesty and fairness are essential to the way we do business and how we interact with people. We do what we say we will and conduct ourselves in accordance with a strict code of ethics.

Results-Oriented: We focus on providing a tangible return on each client’s investment. Our work results in reduction of losses, enhanced employee morale, cost savings and improved quality of work life. We always strive to provide clients with a solid ROI (return on investment) often achieving superior results.

Mission Statement: To enhance health and safety across all industries, through education, research and implementation, in order to prevent incidents, meet legislative requirements and reduce related expenses. Purcell Enterprises behaves in a socially conscious manner, with integrity at all times. Our people are dedicated and knowledgeable professionals who continually exceed client expectations.

Vision Statement: Purcell Enterprises is a caring, responsible and innovative organization that makes a difference in people’s lives. By creating healthy, safe, responsible, caring and enjoyable work environments, we make a valuable contribution to society. We also improve productivity, health and safety, which lead to a better quality of life for the companies with whom we consult.