Barb Semeniuk – Principal, Owner

Over her more than 20 years in the industrial health and safety business, Barbara Semeniuk BSc. CRSP, has developed a passion for prevention. She has conducted more than 500 health and safety audits of companies of every size and in a wide range of industries, including construction, food processing, oilfield, trucking, retail, security and manufacturing. She has taught auditing skills at Red Deer College, for the Food Processor’s Association, the Manufacturers’ Health and Safety Association and the Alberta Construction Health and Safety Association (ACSA). At the ACSA, Barbara was a pioneer in the creation of the agency’s auditor training course and the peer auditing system. Barbara brings together all this expertise in an integrated whole—with prevention always the focus—to help companies ensure the health and safety of their employees, comply with government regulations, save on Workman’s Compensation and health and liability insurance costs and attract and retain the very best talent.

Barbara firmly believes that the proper use of health and safety audits, and other initiatives such as the Balance Score Card Measurement System and the Hardiness Factor, reduce the terrible human cost of incidents and gives management an accurate measurement of their Occupational Health and Safety Management system. And she works with corporate management to demonstrate that participation in the Partnerships program and receiving a Certificate of Recognition, can achieve cost reductions in premiums from the Workers’ Compensation Board of Alberta. This offers the classic win-win situation for management, labour and government.

Barbara holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Simon Fraser University (1982), an Occupational Health and Safety Diploma from the British Columbia Institute of Technology (1988) and a certificate in Adult and Continuing Education from the University of Alberta (1993). She is also a member of the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering, the American Society of Safety Engineers, and has belonged to the Association of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (since 1995). A passionate and humorous speaker, she is a highly sought-after presenter at corporate and industry events.

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Executive Assistant Mary Treadwell has a beautiful voice and personality. She has a soft Irish accent that our clients just love and a very polite and kind manner. She conducts the telephone surveys, data gathering and analysis and statistical analyses that Purcell Enterprises requires. She has more than 20 years’ experience in sales, telephone surveying and data analysis.

Graphic Designer and Technologist Ann Beaque can make the computer sing. She can format documents, analyze data and design documents that are very clean and professional. She can work in a variety of computer programs and troubleshoot problems. She is a very thorough and diligent employee who is very adept at detailed analyses and document management and scanning. She has more than 25 years’ experience designing documents and managing the creative process and technology. Clients appreciate the clean and professional documents she produces.