(Transcribed from Video at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfJpRJg2P6hIvx7JAQsRAxQ)

I’m frequently asked if there’s any updates to the cannabis program, and I have to say that you should check your drug and alcohol policy and make sure that it includes medical marijuana because medical marijuana is legal. However, there’s zero tolerance for safety-sensitive positions and it’s important that you have something like that in your drug and alcohol policy to ensure that safety-sensitive positions like trucking, construction, oil and gas, have zero tolerance towards the use of cannabis or being under the influence of cannabis when working because it can detrimentally affect the health and safety of these operators and could result in injury or loss of life.

So that would be one major area I think one should look at to update in view of the changing legislation. There’ll be others as well, because the legislation as it moves and becomes more entrenched, there’ll be other areas that will crop up in terms of health and safety and cannabis.

Barb Semeniuk is a veteran Safety Auditor and Worker Advocate. Her experience and diligence save companies dollars, and make workers safer while on the job.