The $84 Billion Problem

In this struggling economy - and let's face it, many of us don't need talking heads in Washington to tell us what is going on; we are on the ground and we see it all around us - it seems that companies have had to reduce their staffs, and they are running on thinner margins [...]

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Workplace Safety Programs Should Also Include Our Computers

Workplace health and safety, or occupational health an safety, has for decades included the policies and protocols for workers staying physically, emotionally and mentally safe, healthy and productive. And with many companies and industries, the workplace health and safety programs can also include ways to keep machinery operating effectively and safely (regular inspections, replacing parts [...]

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The Health, Safety Risks of Workplace Diversity

Canada and the United States are two countries that are known for their population diversity. Both nations have citizens and residents who come from a variety of cultures, ancestries and languages. While English is a predominant language in both countries, there are large numbers of people in each country who speak a number of other [...]

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Time to Understand Global Harmony in Workplace Safety

[IMAGE CREDIT: Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, via Flickr]Hazardous materials have not had a uniform system of storage, handling and use and sharing of information across countries, as all nations had their own standards. But the Globally Harmonized System developed by the United Nations and soon coming to Canada, is expected to create uniformity [...]

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Rough Economy Shouldn’t Cost You Workplace Health and Safety

We hear about the various ways that companies "downsize" their payrolls either in tough economic times or to avoid having to implement onerous laws and regulations. There is the "last hired, first fired" approach to downsizing, and there is the re-prioritizing of positions so the less-essential - according to the executives who won't find themselves [...]

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