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Bag the Frackin’ Silica!

Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, has been in the news for both good and not-so-good reasons the last few years. On the one hand, it has been trashed by the press for claims of polluting ground water and being dangerous for air quality in certain parts of the country. on the other hand, the technology has [...]

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Safety Humor: Stop Us if You’ve Heard These Before!

Yes, safety is serious business, but if we're not allowed to laugh once in a while, then why in the world are we human? We might as well be androids or robots. No matter how serious our work, we all have to have a sense of humor, even if the circumstance is generally serious. Being [...]

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And the Survey Says …

We safety professionals will often get inundated with lots of useful and practical information about safety and safety-related issues, topics, regulations and legislation. And often, we get this information passively, through trade magazines or journals or from other means that don't involve direct conversation or engagement. And when it is passive, there is often no [...]

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Compromise Fashion for Safety in What You Wear!

We have all been there. We have all had that job (or jobs) where we have to wear a hideous uniform for work. Yes, I said hideous. Even if it's actually kinda fashionable (though rare), these are hideous uniforms because you can only wear them for work, and often they are not always that comfortable [...]

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Don’t Lock Out Collaboration!

Road, meet rubber. Now that you have given some real thought to your machinery and equipment at your work site and the risks to workers from that equipment not being properly shut down, you may now be thinking hard about actually putting in a lockout program in your workplace. It might seem expensive in time [...]

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Proceed to Locking in a Lockout Program

One of the big challenges in safety is the inanimate machine, not the unpredictable animating physical asset called a human being. While a human's specific actions may be unpredictable, as safety officers we can safely predict that their actions will be unpredictable. And we can predict generally how a machine is going to act when [...]

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Get Off This Bumpy Ride!

Relative to car travel, traveling by airplane is a much safer mode of carrying passengers from one place to another (and is often faster, once you take away the long lines in security and the long wait at the gate before boarding). There is almost nowhere in the world that can't be accessed by plane [...]

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